A Perfect End to My Time at Life Pacific College Posted Thursday, December 11, 2008 by David Niclas Yeahhh I understand. You want to leave LPC. Do you know where you are going next? I Know where you want to go! (you ask, you do? ) Of cosure! You want to come to Norway to be a missionary! (you ask, Why would I want to go there? ) You want to come here because it's the greatest place on earth! The Norway is a mountainous region. It's green and beautiful! Foursquare has three churches here. They are in: Kristiansand, Asker and Statelle. Asker is 30 minutes outside of Oslo (The capital). Also, YWAM has 11 bases. The Most northern is 1 1/2 hour outside of Tromso (Also known as The Paris of the North'. As far as ministry goes most of my missionary friends all wanted to go to Thailand and Africa. We need people up here who can encourarage the youth. Both Norwegian youth as well as the youth of the Sami (Lapplanders). They are sick of boring unreal Christianity and tired of their lives. They need a hope. Up here outside of Tromo, we are less than an hour from Sweden and Finland. Giving you easy access to two other countries. If you are still itching for more low income ministry Russia is not far either. There are so many people there that really need to hear about the love of Christ! SO! If you are unsure about where to go next here is a free invetation to let your mind mull over while you are resting next spring. Don't worry. It's not too cold up here. You have fire of the Holy Spirit in you! Thanks for being an awesome professor! I appreciated all your encouragement in college!Goid bless,David http://sbpycgkqylf.com [url=http://yhkhqmyp.com]yhkhqmyp[/url] [link=http://khfwdrusk.com]khfwdrusk[/link]

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